Patient’s testimonial

I had a cough for about 4-6 weeks but never really felt badly and didn’t have fever. 10 days ago, I started sneezing profusely and was sick with a terrible head cold instantly. I, of course, waited to go to a doctor because I did not have fever. The cough worsened and I was overrun with phlegm.  I tried a doc in the box but after 5 days on meds, I was no better. I had been to Dr. Liu for back and neck pain several years ago which totally alleviated that pain, so I thought I would see if he could help with the horrible cough and phlegm.  This morning was my 2nd visit in 3 days and all coughing has ceased and there is no more phlegm.  I quit the meds I had been given and drank warm water as instructed. My husband was shocked at my improvement after the 1st treatment and now I am better than before the cough began two months ago.  Dr. Liu is very skilled and knowledgeable in Traditional Chinese Medicine and I will use him for any ailment that he can treat. I prefer TCM treatments because there are no pharmaceuticals involved, and if you ask, Dr. Liu can recommend what to eat or drink for your condition.

Thank you Dr. Liu!                                                                               Amy D. – Little Rock, AR