Other Therapies



Moxibustion is the method of burning some herbs on, around, or above acupoints. Many different types of herbs can be used according to individual patient’s symptoms. Moxibustion stimulates the acupoints to adjust or realign qi stagnated at the prescribed acupoints, restoring normal flow of qi to the areas where the pain or illness was originating from.


Cupping warms up qi and promotes the free flow of qi and blood in the meridians, therefore, dispelling coldness and dampness and diminishing swellings and pains.  Cupping is also useful to strengthen immune system.

Cupping therapy often follows the pattern of point selection that is used for standard acupuncture therapy. During cupping therapy, the practitioner creates a vacuum in a cup by a fire and applies the cup onto selected point of the body, which then draws the skin up into the cup.