Testimonial: one of my patients just emailed me.

When I first came to see Dr. Liu I could not walk more than 3 feet without experiencing excruciating pain in my lower back that travelled down to my right thigh. The muscle in my thigh felt hard like a rock and after undergoing 5 weeks of physical therapy and a short bout of muscle relaxants and other medications, I finally agreed to a spinal injection – an extended release steroid. I had taken oral steroids before, for infections, etc., with no negative effects, however, not only did the injection fail to treat the pain in my back and thigh, apparently I am allergic to the extended release steroids.
I spoke with my family physician. He knew I did not want to spend my life on pain meds and was prepared to spend it in a wheelchair, if necessary. However, I had discovered Dr. Liu while doing research on the internet one afternoon. After our first session, while I was not pain free, I did notice a difference in my thigh. I was able to walk a little farther. With each visit, I could actually feel my thigh improving. And I can say this because I was no longer using my wheelchair and now able to do my regular errands without being in pain (on a pain scale of 9 to 10). At the conclusion of my sessions, I went from a pain scale of 9-10 on most days to a 1-2. And then all I usually have to do is stop and think about what I am doing. Dr. Liu showed me that I am moving wrong for my body, turning too sharply, bending too quickly or not stretching correctly, thereby stressing the muscles in my body.
I found Dr. Liu’s treatments helpful and I am grateful for what he was able to do for me. He showed me exercises I can do for myself at home that will help me to continue in my progress. His office is a quiet and calm environment. He is friendly and professional and  I would recommend Dr. Liu to anyone who is experiencing pain and does not want to live on pain medications.

Linda, Little Rock