Biblical. Like Jesus Christ himself put his hands on me. Dr. Jiang Liu has changed my life, for the better. Allow me to explain. 32 years old, I was referred by my primary care physician on the recommendation of Dr. Daniel Fowler in Russellville Chiropractic.

6 years ago I experienced a substantial gym injury in my upper back / right arm, protruding to my front ribs. It was an absolute nightmare. It felt like I had been stabbed with a knife. This costotransverse / costovertebral damage was something I would not wish upon my worst enemy. It felt like a fishhook was permanently implanted into my back. Difficulty breathing. Very upset by this, hard to function, hard to think.

I went into Dr. Liu’s practice with a negative mindset, that nothing can be done with needles alone.

When you do the research, you will find that acupuncture has, is, and will continue to be, the future of treatment for complex injuries.

The truth of the matter? Acupuncture works. Coming from someone who is scared of needles, I won’t even look at them. Nothing, I repeat, nothing compares to what Dr. Liu is capable of.

He felt my pulse. Asked about my pain. In an hour. One hour, tops. 60% of the pain went away. I could *finally* breathe again. He performed needling and moxibustion with some gentle upright massage at the end. My right lung went from feeling like an aluminum can crushed at both ends, to me finally being able to Breathe! My right shoulder stopped hunching up automatically. I could have stopped there and been perfectly happy, and paid much less than I had paid for traditional Western medicine.

Heatlamp applied, 15 minutes of quiet in the dark. Soft soothing music. Very minimal pain. Much much smaller needle than you would expect. You will feel it, but you will feel much better after it’s done.

Second visit. More needling. Gua sha at the end. You may have seen it online, but in person, it’s something else. He rubbed my affected area with some type of cream and. I don’t know, it was incredible. You could clearly see in the mirror where the damage was, and where the injury had occurred. It’s not scary. It’s a relief. 80% better.

Third visit. More needling. More cupping, this time, sitting upright during the cupping. Focus this time, not on the back, but on the front. 95% better. Truly miraculous. He does not try to push you to purchase anything you don’t need. He actually cares about you feeling better. I feel so good. I am so happy, a tear rolls down my right cheek. Thank God Dr. Jiang Liu is here in Arkansas to help Arkansans. Take a pamphlet. There is so much he can do for my friends and family. He treats cough. He treats facial spasms. Stop smoking. Bladder deficiency. Cancer treatment sickness. I would fly to see him.

I have not seen a chiropractor since discovering the world of acupuncture and TCM.

Please, try Dr. Jiang Liu of Arkansas Acupuncture. You owe it to yourself. I cannot recommend him highly enough. He doesn’t shrug is shoulders and say “I don’t know”. He will treat you, he will treat you! The pain was so bad, for so long, I had run out of options. I am so thankful for Dr. Liu’s diagnostic. I wish I had gone to him sooner. Do not wait. Don’t let your illness fester like I did. I needed help, I got help. Just Go! You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. There is much to be learned from history, and this is the hidden secret that they don’t want you to know about.

After my first visit, I cancelled all other plans for the day and researched and studied this. I saw a video of a 21 year old girl getting open heart surgery done, with acupuncture, only. No sedative. You can and should research this, for yourself. I can’t express in text how good I feel. No drugs, completely drug free. Just relief from the constant, never ending chronic pain.

Little Rock
From Google review
I was referred to Dr. Liu by my Lyme Literate Medical Doctor in Maryland to help with pain from Chronic Neurological Lyme Disease. This was my first experience with acupuncture, but I was hopeful at my first visit with Dr. Liu. This will be my third week of care with Dr. Liu and I can’t express enough how much of a difference Dr. Liu has made in the quality of my life. My pain has subsided significantly and my chronic fatigue is so much better. The most significant change is in the clarity of my brain fog. It was as if I had “brain tunnel vision”, but now all of that is gone. I’ll be a work in progress since it’s been so long having undiagnosed Lyme for many years, but getting back to a more normal “me” is so refreshing! I am so grateful for Dr. Liu, who is kind, takes the time to really listen to his patients, and has given me relief and clarity that I have not had in many years. Thank you Dr. Liu!

Little Rock


I want to share a true story with you.

My husband went to the ER with abdominal pain at the beginning of August this year and a kidney stone was found (8mmx5mm). After an infusion in ER for pain relief, he went home with some painkillers. At the beginning of September, my husband’s abdominal pain started again. Following the doctor’s advice, he took the painkillers, the pain reduced after 2 days. But the stone was like an untimely bomb in my husband’s body, we don’t know when it will hurt again.

We consulted Dr. Liu Jiang, a Chinese medicine practitioner, for some suggestions on the treatment of kidney stones. He said he was confident of using Chinese herbal medicine to get rid of the stones from my husband’s body. Dr. Liu prescribed some Chinese herbal medicine for my husband to take. He instructed my husband to drink plenty of water while taking the herbals. We went home suspiciously. After 10 days, something magical really happened. On the morning of September 23, my husband woke up in the morning with a tingling pain, and he went to urinate. Surprisingly he found that there were 2-3 tan solids of various sizes in the toilet. The stones were really passed out from the urine.

It is now the beginning of November. In the past month or so, my husband has no abdominal pain anymore. So I want to share our experience with everyone, hoping that it will be helpful to the people with same trouble. We are very grateful to Dr. Liu to get rid of the stone with this kind of non-invasive method!

Furong Zhang, Bryan, Arkansas


I had stroke with chronic hiccups and no feeling or sensitivity on left side of my body. In 2 sessions the hiccups almost 90% gone and i now also can feel on left arm and legs. He really impressed me with his knowledge. Neurologist said i have to deal with the fact that i may not have sensation again on left side. Glad i was referred to Dr. LIu. Couple of more sessions and i look to be back to normal.


I had pretty terrible headaches and went in to see the doc on a Monday. He checked everything out and found that I had some imbalances. I did my first set of acupuncture and the headache immediately went away. He handled me very carefully as this was the first time I had ever done acupuncture. He is right to the point about any extras steps you need to take…he isn’t trying to take bunch of money from you…he focuses on exactly what you need and then moves on from there….over those couple of days my energy was through the roof…my mind was very clear….I could focus greater than before and i had started to feel super perfect having dealing with migraines on and off since 2016. I was just overall feeling like the hulk….I just went today for my second session….he checked everything and my balances were normal and migraine clear….he did this session and focused on my spleen and heart balance. and said I didn’t have to do anymore and to call if I needed him. please go to him if you need anything…im all over the place with this review but I don’t care….go see him….he focuses on getting your spirit right so that everything else can align with what you truly need to heal your body…he will forever be my go to!!!! love ya doc.


I shattered my spine almost 20 years ago and have suffered severe pain ever since. Every doctor I saw said I needed additional surgeries to experience any relief. One visit with Dr. Liu and I have relief for the first time since I injured my back. Thank you Dr. Liu, you have truly been life changing!!
Teri, Little Rock, AR


I have been experiencing back pain and sciatica pain for several years. I have been to pain management, chiropractors, Physcial therapy, massage therapist, had injections and was prescribed meds but nothing helped. TWO VISITS TO DR LIU AND IM PAIN FREE!!!!!!
Janelle, Little Rock, AR


After 6 years of muscle spasms and painful cramping in my lower back after being on my feet for any length of time, Dr. Liu improved it in one visit, and stopped it completely after three. In the fourth visit he addressed neuropathy in my right foot, and that has greatly improved as well. I can hardly believe the change in how I feel. Thank you, Dr. Liu!!
Sherry, Little Rock, AR


May I welcome you to the Traditional Chinese Medicine of Dr. Jiang Liu.
After 60 years of “pursuing” results of Western Medicine for simple to chronic intractable, 2 months of TCM with Dr. Liu has “delivered” whole body results. In particular, 1 appointment for severe right hand and arm pain brought “great” relief. I tell you from a pain level of 10 to a 0.5 level in just 1 treatment.
I continue my treatments with Dr. Liu for whole body healing. 60 years has been too long to finally see and feel whole body healing. I came, and came to believe.
Thank you my Doctor and Life Teacher, Dr. Jiang Liu.
Praise be Buddha.
Geoffrey, Little Rock, AR

I suffered from a trembling in my hand for over 15 years. It grew worse as time went by. To the point that my hand and arm could no longer function normally due to extreme tremors and stiffness. I could not perform simple tasks like writing or moving my hand to speak. It was frustrating and embarrassing.
After my very first visit with Dr Jiang, I saw a tremendous improvement! I am amazed and thankful for the treatment I have received. I can move my fingers, I can pick up a pencil and write with ease and the tremors have reduce significantly! I am truly blessed and thankful for Dr Jiang and the treatment I received. It has truly been life changing!
Byran, Little Rock, AR


I have been suffering from severe acne/cystic acne after having my baby and finishing breastfeeding. I have tried every product out there, visited the dermatologist multiple times, and they were suggesting Accutane for treatment. I decided to try Dr. Liu instead and I am SO happy I did. Within two treatments, my acne has almost gone away. My skin is healing, but the pain itself is GONE and I couldn’t be happier. I knew the problem wasnt just my skin, but that my body was out of whack. Dr. Lui is healing me from the inside out!
Beren, Little Rock, AR


My friend told me that her chronic back pain was completely eliminated with acupuncture treatments. I’m a skeptic, but I decided to try it because I was so sick and tired of hurting. Taking opioids was out of the question. I’m a retired RN and have seen the effects opioids have on some. I looked at the reviews and chose Dr. Jiang Liu. After 3 treatments, the right shoulder pain is completely gone. An additional 2 treatments has eliminated the back pain. I am a skeptic no longer. Another thought, maybe two: Dr. Liu does not encourage unnecessary treatment. When your problem is solved, you do are not pressured to come back for additional treatments. As for the cost, insurance does not pay, why I do not know. However, the reasonable cost of acupuncture does not compare to the cost of not being able to enjoy my Grandchildren, work in the yard, and the enjoyment of being with friends.
Billie, Little Rock, AR


I am 65 years old and have been suffering with Peripheral Neuropathy in both legs along with Foot Drop in the left leg for nearly a year now. After two sessions with Dr. Liu I am able to wiggle the toes on my left foot. Along with that I gain about 10-15% strength in both legs. I am able to walk short distances without the use of my cane. During last nights treatment I felt a surge of electrical energy radiating from my toes all the way up to my head. The toes on my left foot were vibrating in short burst because of the regain sensation I was feeling. I have had acupuncture treatments before while I was stationed in Korea, but the results were mild compared to how I am feeling now. I plan on doing the 20 treatment plan as recommended by Dr. Liu. My expectations is not complete recovery, I am hopping for anything around 50-60% improvement in my legs and arms. I would recommended Dr. Liu to anyone is suffering from nerve pain.
John, Little Rock, AR


At the recommendation of my sister, I decided to give acupuncture a try with Dr. Liu. I had been suffering with planters fasciis for months and had tried everything! Steriod shots are only temporary and I was unable to work-out due to the pain. I started acupuncture about 4 weeks ago at twice a week. The relief was not immediate, but after a few weeks I could tell the difference in both of my feet. Having been a research lawyer, I decided to see what type of scientific information was out on the web. I was feeling better overall! Unbeknownst to Dr. Liu, prior to seeing him, I had been nauseous for over a year and my medical doctor had done several tests, I changed my diet, took medication and nothing helped. I was sick 3 or 4 times a week for over a year! Well, during my treatment with Dr. Liu – the vomiting stopped entirely! That is why I decided to research the effects of acupuncture – and guess what – it has been scientifically proven to help with pain relieve and management as well as – you guessed it – nausea! I will continue treatment for help with my health overall – even though my planters fasciis is gone! I have 100% confidence in recommending acupuncture with Dr. Liu. Remember though, not all accupunturists are properly certified – and yes – I checked. Dr. Liu has been certified by the NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine). Thank you Dr. Liu and I will see you next week!!
Sandra, Little Rock, AR


I would have to say that he is one of the best acupuncturists.  I have had severe neck and shoulder pain for 5 years. I got treated with different method (massage). The pain comes and goes. However, the pain came back again few months ago due to poor gesture. It was hurting really bad from my back to front left chest. I went to acupuncture in Los Angeles, went to 6 sessions but didn’t feel any better. I was visiting my family in Little Rock, Arkansas for the holidays. The pain made me so frustrated. One of the doctors recommended me to visit Dr. Liu. He told me you would feel better even one session. I went to visit Dr.Liu. He was very kind and paid attention to my problems. I had so many needles on my head and body that I had never had with my treatment sessions in Los Angeles before. He even gave some very useful advice to take care of my body. I felt great and painless the next day! I would recommend Dr.Liu if you are looking for acupuncture in Little Rock!
Shinta, Los Angeles

FINALLY RELIEF from lower back pain!  After years of misery from a lower back injury that resulted in piriformis syndrome, I had tried everything to get relief–massage therapists, chiropractors, physical therapists, back specialists–and had no luck. Almost ready to give up, my friend told me about Jiang Liu.  Well, it couldn’t hurt and this was the absolute last chance for hope to get well. The results are truly AMAZING!  Dr. Liu first took away the heat and the pain and gave me special exercises to do. After spending years with a locked back and tripping over one leg, the back was getting better!  Now I’m in exercise classes, lifting weights, and can climb flights of stairs!  Dr. Liu is so kind and patient and really knows what he is doing.  He also cured my trigeminal neuralgia, a very painful nerve disease, and explained how to keep it well.  Please call him because he will help you.  I am so grateful for this experience with Dr. Liu and you will learn so much on your journey to wellness.
Allison, Little Rock
I must say after reading these comments about how Dr. Liu has made a difference in their life I just had to add my testimonial. I, like many patients that have shared I was so tired of taking pills for depression and anxiety. I felt like an emotional pin cushion taking this and that with so many bad side effects. I just knew there had to be another way. I am here to tell you there is! After only four treatments with Dr. Liu I am here to say I am on the road to being better. The treatments are putting normal back in my vocabulary.
Kathy, Little Rock, AR
Starting in February of this year, 2016, I had come down with insomnia and anxiety as well as minor depression. I saw several medical doctors who put me on different mind altering drugs that really made things worse for me. I went through this until the first of May of this year 2016. I was really in bad shape, my anxiety was out of control, still not sleeping and had depression. I told my wife I had to think outside the box and discovered through research on the web that Acupuncture may be the answer for me. I saw Doctor Liu on May 4th and within 4 treatments he had me sleeping better, my anxiety and depression under control and not taking any mind altering pills. My wife said I was back to normal. I would not hesitate to see Doctor Liu for anything health related especially if medically prescribed pills haven’t helped. This man knows his business. Thank you Dr. Liu for putting me back to normal!
David B. Little Rock, AR
 When I first came to see Dr. Liu I could not walk more than 3 feet without experiencing excruciating pain in my lower back that travelled down to my right thigh. The muscle in my thigh felt hard like a rock and after undergoing 5 weeks of physical therapy and a short bout of muscle relaxants and other medications, I finally agreed to a spinal injection – an extended release steroid. I had taken oral steroids before, for infections, etc., with no negative effects, however, not only did the injection fail to treat the pain in my back and thigh, apparently I am allergic to the extended release steroids.
I spoke with my family physician. He knew I did not want to spend my life on pain meds and was prepared to spend it in a wheelchair, if necessary. However, I had discovered Dr. Liu while doing research on the internet one afternoon. After our first session, while I was not pain free, I did notice a difference in my thigh. I was able to walk a little farther. With each visit, I could actually feel my thigh improving. And I can say this because I was no longer using my wheelchair and now able to do my regular errands without being in pain (on a pain scale of 9 to 10). At the conclusion of my sessions, I went from a pain scale of 9-10 on most days to a 1-2. And then all I usually have to do is stop and think about what I am doing. Dr. Liu showed me that I am moving wrong for my body, turning too sharply, bending too quickly or not stretching correctly, thereby stressing the muscles in my body.
I found Dr. Liu’s treatments helpful and I am grateful for what he was able to do for me. He showed me exercises I can do for myself at home that will help me to continue in my progress. His office is a quiet and calm environment. He is friendly and professional and  I would recommend Dr. Liu to anyone who is experiencing pain and does not want to live on pain medications.
Linda, Little Rock, AR
Dear Dr. Liu,
This is a quick update regarding PTSD symptom improvement Dr Liu has assisted me to achieve. The 1st treatment session I entered Dr Liu’s office I was so symptomatic emotionally all I could did was cry. Dr Liu was supportive, telling me I would improve. I borrowed his hopefulness as my hope was waning badly. I was only sleeping 3 hours a night and that was a good night. By the 2nd session I was able to relax more and allow him to treat me with less anxiety and emotion.  By the 4th session I had hope of my own. I was sleeping 5 to 6 hours at a time.  I was clearly improving.
I have now completed 8 sessions and I am so much BETTER.  My emotions are improved. Crying is minimal.  My “flight or fight impulses” have backed off.  I can go into the community without fear I will have to run home and hide. My overall energy has increased to the extent I have joined a yoga class (amazing).
When I first met Dr Liu my body hurt all over. My muscles had knots in my knots. If you are in that much pain you know exactly what I mean. I simply was unable to relax any of me. I still have body pain especially around old injury however the pain relief is profound with a capacity to self sooth using progressive muscle relaxation.
So… my emotional body is improved. My physical body is improved. My mental state has changed from perseverating on how horrible I feel to what I want to do today. My spiritual self is more secure. I have increasing moments of not feeling pressured in speech or activity. The firestorm in my brain has settled. I know my loved ones are releaved also to see old Sidney able to enjoy our time together.
I am engaged with a therapist who has expertise in trauma treatment. The work I did with her gave me the strength to step into the arena of acupuncture and the other Chinese medicine techniques Dr Liu skillfully uses as my symptoms improve. A holistic approach has been essential.
God bless you readers. May my testimony on my path of healing help you step into your healing path as well. I wish you PEACE and HOPE.
Thank you for your time and Dr Liu, thank you for your compassion and skill.
Cindy, Hot Springs
I have had problems with both my feet for about 20 years. In 2000, I had surgery on both my feet at the same time. The surgery was called “mortons neuroma” for nerve entrapment, which made bad matters worse. My feet gave me so much pain and burning all these years. A friend recommended Dr. Liu to me and I made an appointment. In the last two months, I have experienced such relief from his treatments. It is simply amazing!! Thank you, Dr. Liu
Billy, Little Rock
Dear Dr Liu,
I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for helping me improve my health and get control of the severe pain that I have been having since the afternoon of December 17, 2014.
I had a severe break at T12 and had Kyphoplasty surgery on Feb 6, 2015.  I did have a few days with pain that I could deal with but for some reason it soon became almost intolerable.  A friend suggested that I make an appointment with you.  I am ever so grateful for my friend’s referral to you.  My first appointment was on March 11, 2015.   I arrived at your office in severe pain wearing a Cash Brace.  At my very first appointment you were only able to treat me while I was sitting in a chair.  My next appointment was on Saturday, March 14.  I was able to lie on my stomach with a lot of pain involved.
My next appointment which was on Tuesday, March 17, I was able to breathe through the pain and lie on my stomach.  Each treatment afterwards I have been able to lie on my stomach with less and less pain.  During this time you were also working on my neck and shoulders.  Now for the first time in over 4 years I can look over my left shoulder to check the blind spots while driving my car.
You were also able to stop the diarrhea and nausea that I had been dealing with for over 10 days.
Since I have been seeing you twice a week, there has been so much improvement.  On my last visit, Saturday, March 28, I arrived wearing only my Tens unit and using a cane.
Today, Sunday March 29, I was able to attend both Bible class and worship for the first time since January 25th.  I did not need my cane, Cash Brace or my Tens unit for the first time.  I also was able to walk three laps around my neighborhood for the first time since I broke my back.
I will ever be grateful that through the help of friends, God sent you into my life.  I look for even greater healing in the days ahead.
Thank you Dr Liu, for helping me overcome my severe pain and to have better movement in my 75+ years young body.
Sincerely, Dottie
I had a cough for about 4-6 weeks but never really felt badly and didn’t have fever. 10 days ago, I started sneezing profusely and was sick with a terrible head cold instantly. I, of course, waited to go to a doctor because I did not have fever. The cough worsened and I was overrun with phlegm.  I tried a doc in the box but after 5 days on meds, I was no better. I had been to Dr. Liu for back and neck pain several years ago which totally alleviated that pain, so I thought I would see if he could help with the horrible cough and phlegm.  This morning was my 2nd visit in 3 days and all coughing has ceased and there is no more phlegm.  I quit the meds I had been given and drank warm water as instructed. My husband was shocked at my improvement after the 1st treatment and now I am better than before the cough began two months ago.  Dr. Liu is very skilled and knowledgeable in Traditional Chinese Medicine and I will use him for any ailment that he can treat. I prefer TCM treatments because there are no pharmaceuticals involved, and if you ask, Dr. Liu can recommend what to eat or drink for your condition. Thank you Dr. Liu!
Amy D.  Little Rock, AR
Dr Liu,
I want to thank you for the relief you have given me.  I should have sent this email sooner but I have been incredibly busy through the holidays.  Here is my testimony:
After a hysterectomy in 2008 I’ve had an overactive bladder.  I had to “go” every hour whether I really needed to or not.  It was as if the “go” button was stuck in a pattern. I traveled 2 hours to see Dr Liu for a problem I was having with my right leg but I mentioned the bladder issue to him because I’d read that symptoms can be linked to each other so I wanted him to understand all of my ailments.  Within 2 or 3 visits I could make the 2 hour trip without a bathroom stop.  Within 5 visits I didn’t even have to go to the bathroom when I first got there.  With each visit my leg gradually improved.  I looked forward to walking out of his office each time because I would feel normal for the first few hours.  It was like magic.  I felt like I had a pinched nerve in my back but MRI’s showed no signs of such.  I had die test on my arteries and veins and found no blockages. It was a phantom pain that was slowly debilitating me.  For 2 years I have suffered and no one could help me.  I saw chiropractors, heart specialist, physical therapist, general practitioners, massage therapist and neurologist to no avail. On my last visit Dr Liu worked my leg issue only and I have been free from the pain for 2 months now and my bladder has normalized.  I can go hours without needing to “go”.  Dr Liu listens to me and genuinely cares.  I owe him much gratitude for all the years ahead of me because they will be much better since I sought him out for help.  I went with a gut feeling when I selected him out of all the acupuncturists in Arkansas.  I could have traveled 30 minutes but I’m glad I didn’t.  Thank you Dr Liu, you are the best.
Thanks, Dana
Dear Dr. Liu
it is my desire that sharing a bit of my story will help someone else. I am a 60 year old female suffering from PTSD. And I do mean suffering. When I arrived at your office a mere 4 sessions ago I could not control my emotions. I vacillated between mad and sad with great hopelessness. My body hurt in my muscles especially my back, shoulders, and legs. My abdomen was very painful with spasms. I could not sleep more than 2 hours at a time, I was paranoid and hypervigilant. I was exhausted, was in a state of fight or flight 24/7. Life was unmanageable in all areas. I was isolating because I no longer trusted myself to behave appropriately in any settings.
I have done battle with PTSD symptoms all my life. Child abuse started it but my lack of coping skills and the lack of appropriate treatment exasperated my challenges. I have been in therapy off and on since my early teenage years The western view of medicating my symptoms, electric shock, and talking about my pain ad nauseum just led to more hopelessness. I have carried many labels I found not helpful such as depression, personality disorder, hypochondria, and lest I forget psychosis when I found myself in extreme stress. So, basically when I met you I was a mess in great confusion in my mind.
After the 1st session my crying and anger were MUCH improved. After 2nd session I had some hope I might return to a better state of being and had much better control of emotional outbursts. My horrible intrusive thoughts began to back off. I have just finished my 4th session and am able to entertain thoughts of speaking with family and friends without fearing emotional breakdown. I am ever so aware it will take this psyche a while to mend. I am however hopeful for the first time in over 2 years that I will be able to resume a more productive and happier life. I find words rather inadequate to describe my gratitude.
If you, reading this, have PTSD, anxiety, depression, or any overwhelming emotional suffering come let Dr. Liu help you. His skill is a precious gift. Come. Feel better. Let him help you remember hope. My body pain is already much improved but my emotional improvement is nothing short of miraculous. Thank you.
Sidney, Little Rock
A few years ago, I began experiencing extremely heavy menstrual bleeding. I did not respond to being treated with progesterone and had a D&C and exploratory hysteroscopy to look for any underlying causes of the bleeding. It was determined that it was peri-menopausal bleeding and could be stopped with an endometrial ablation (a procedure that destroys the lining of the uterus, preventing bleeding) before undergoing an ablation procedure, I decided to try acupuncture. It was successful in stopping the bleeding. Recently, I started bleeding heavily again. As before, I failed a trial of progesterone. I went to Dr. Liu to try acupuncture again. The acupuncture was once again successful. It is nice to be able to treat a condition without drugs or surgery! I recommend giving acupuncture a try for any condition. It is painless and there are no side effects to deal with. I feel like acupuncture treats the underlying cause of a condition in a natural way, giving the body the boost it needs to heal itself.
-Miriam L, age 52, Little Rock, AR
After two months of visits to the chiropractor  I was still having pain and range of motion issues from a neck injury. Just four visits to Dr. Liu and the pain is gone and range of motion is 100%. Very thorough and you do not feel like you are being rushed through as with most doctors. If you are not satisfied with the treatment you are getting now to see Dr. Liu, you will not be disappointed.
-Randy H.,  Little Rock, AR
Twenty years ago I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). My symptoms were anxiety with panic attacks. I was treated by several Psychiatrists and Psychologists. Therapy was unsuccessful since I was suffering from a chemical imbalance verse emotional trauma. I was prescribed a number of psychotropic drugs. The SSRI’s had horrible side effects on me and the only drug which seemed to help was high potency benzodiazepines.
I spent the next 16 years on a physician prescribed addiction to benzodiazepines. This included interdose withdrawal symptoms which required increasing of my daily dosage. I made a personal decision to discontinue the use of benzodiazepines. Even though my taper was slow I experienced horrible withdrawal symptoms. I ended up having protracted withdrawal syndrome long after my last dose of benzodiazepines.
I was very sick when I first met Dr. Liu. I had severe anxiety with panic, insomnia, confusion, and deep depression. I was running out of options when it came to my health decisions and decided to give Chinese medicine a try. I am very glad I did. After a few sessions I felt subtle changes in my anxiety and depression. After several more it was like a light switch turned on. My anxiety was gone and I was able to sleep. All my other symptoms seem to be relieved shortly after. I had forgotten what life without anxiety had felt like. I have a lot of catching up on life to get to.
I have a number of regrets from all the missed opportunities from the past 20 years, but my biggest regret was not trying Chinese medicine first. If anyone is reading this and the pain sounds familiar, please give Dr. Liu a chance. Dr. Liu is a very experienced and confident doctor. During our first consultation he told me he could correct my qi, and he did. Considering what you would otherwise spend on modern medication and therapy, this is a very affordable and painless option.
Xie Xie Dr. Liu and bless you.
-Michael J., Little Rock, AR
I am a retired acupuncturist (originally licensed in 1990).  I came to see Dr. Liu for two problems.
The first, most acute, problem was severe gastritis of 2 weeks duration.  Dr. Liu diagnosed, treated and eliminated the gastritis with one treatment.  He reviewed my meds, herbs and vitamins and recommended the necessary changes so that I didn’t resurrect the gastritis by taking incorrect supplements.
The second problem was chronic, worsening low back pain that began 9/3/2006 as a result of a golf injury.  With one mighty swing I drove a borrowed driver into the ground and blew out 2 lumbar discs.
NSAIDS, opioids, traction, chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy were not beneficial. The pain increased in severity until I finally gave up and sought treatment from Dr. Liu Sept. 2013.
I had researched Dr. Liu’s credentials and he looked good on paper.  But did he really have the skill to match his credentials?  He sure did!
First, he determined the Traditional Chinese Medical diagnosis.
There are two very important TCM diagnostic techniques that can only be learned through years of experience.  The first is tongue diagnosis and the second is pulse taking.  Dr. Liu has years of experience and superlative skill at both.
Next he devised a treatment protocol that fit the TCM diagnosis.
Finally, he executed the treatment techniques with precision, accuracy and great skill.
He used acupuncture, cupping, herbs and tuina to provide me with the relief that I needed.  The herb formula was perfect.  It was designed to treat the root causes of the back pain.  Lesser skilled acupuncturists would have just attempted to cover the symptoms of the moment (treating the branch, not the root).
I am grateful to Dr. Liu for providing me with the relief I sought and giving me the ability to return to the golf course.
-Maxine Klein, L. Ac. DIPL Ac. (NCCAOM) (Retired)
Dr. Liu,
I want to let you know how much you have helped me, both with my shoulder and my headaches.  I have written the following testimonial, and I am happy for you to use it to promote your services.
“I first went to see Dr. Liu for treatment for my left shoulder. I had been suffering with pain and stiffness for over a year. Gradually, I was losing range of motion and it was becoming more and more painful. I had had the same problem with my right shoulder. For that shoulder I underwent physical therapy and surgery and more physical therapy and still didn’t regain full ROM or pain relief. At the urging of my sister, who has used a traditional Chinese medicine doctor for years, I decided to give acupuncture a try with the left shoulder.
“On my first visit Dr. Liu took a thorough medical history and explained his diagnosis and recommended course of treatment. He told me how many treatments he thought would be needed, and then I had my first treatment. Just like everyone says, I hardly felt the tiny disposable needles when he placed them.
“Within just a few treatments, I began to notice improvement in my ROM. Each visit included acupuncture, occasionally also moxibustion, and they ended with some stretching exercises and massage. Dr. Liu showed me what exercises he wanted me to do at home between visits, as well the type of massage to do at home.
“By the end of my treatment I had regained almost 90% of my ROM and was practically pain-free, just as Dr. Liu had said I would be. I found his treatment to be a safe and effective alternative to surgery for my shoulder. I’m writing this months later, and my shoulder is still doing great. I may have even regained additional range of motion since my treatment.
“Because of the success of his treatment of my shoulder, I readily turned to Dr. Liu for treatment of my post-surgical pain and headaches following a craniotomy. Within just a couple of weeks, Dr. Liu was able to give me enough relief from my headaches that I no longer needed prescription pain medicine, just the occasional OTC. I wish I had been able to have acupuncture treatment for my pain when I was in the hospital.
“Dr. Liu is very skillful and professional in his treatment. He always explains what he’s doing and is very concerned about his patient’s comfort. I highly recommend his service, and I am so thankful for the help he has given me.”
-Linda, Little Rock, AR
I am a priest in the Catholic Church. I have been seeing Dr. Liu for about two months now for residual problems following a car accident which took place two years ago. In my opinion, Dr. Liu is very skilled. He has helped me a great deal both with pain and with improvement in paralysis in my left leg. In addition, my vitality has picked up immensely since I started to see Dr. Liu. I would encourage anyone who has health difficulties to see this most talented man.
-Fr. John., Little Rock, AR
I have suffered from severe chronic neck and shoulder pain as far back as 2001, which is mostly caused from work environments of long days on computers.  The pain finally became so totally uncontrollable and interoperable that I became severely depressed and each day became a challenge just to go to work and try to function. Upon getting home all I could do was think about going to bed. Pain controlled my life. I went to a pain management specialist and after obtaining MRIs that showed several bulging disks I went through two cervical steroid epidural shots. My body had not responded well to steroids before for other problems, and the two shots provided no more than a couple of weeks’ relief. The pain management specialist told me that he had done all he could do; he could refer me to another level of pain specialist and/or a spine surgeon.  I had recently heard stories of successful healing through acupuncture and as soon as I got home from that last doctor’s appointment knew I had to at least try acupuncture. I immediately opened the yellow pages and found Acupuncture Arkansas.  This was on a Friday and my first visit was the following Tuesday. I was in pain, depressed and at the end of my rope when I arrived at his office.
I went to Dr. Lui with no expectations. It was either going to work or not. Dr. Lui examined me and gave me my first treatment. He advised me upon leaving it would take more than one visit. As I walked to my car that evening, I experienced the most inner calm, warm and peaceful feeling that stayed with me throughout the evening. I went to work the next day and around mid-afternoon realized I’d been more focused and had more energy than I had had in a very long time.
After five visits I was amazed that I was completely out of pain except for one stubborn knot in my neck; that has resolved itself after the sixth visit.
Two weeks after first seeing Dr. Lui, I completed the 3 mile walk, Race for the Cure. Three weeks prior to that I can assure that was the furthest thing from my mind.
Upon the sixth visit I informed Dr. Lui of my advancement with him and that he would always be a part of my ongoing life. I continue to work in front of a computer and will need acupuncture to keep me balanced and pain free.
The light at the end of the tunnel was acupuncture and Dr. Lui. I’ve had no prescription pain meds in over three weeks. My depression has lifted and I am living a pain free life for the first time in many years. My personal friends and coworkers have noticed a remarkable difference in my attitude and energy! I’m smiling for real for the first time in a long time!
I wish I’d found Dr. Lui years ago. I look forward to our long relationship.
-Sandy R., Little Rock, AR
I experienced a major stroke six months ago, causing paralyses of my left side. I could not use my left hand and had drop foot on the left side; everything on the left side of my body was paralyzed. I could not do daily activities. I was desperate and I felt hopeless. I was thinking I would have to live the rest of my life in a wheelchair. One of my friends recommended I see Dr. Liu. I saw him because I was willing to try anything to get my life back to normal. When I first went to Dr. Liu’s office, I was seated in wheelchair. After my first treatment, I saw the light. After Dr. Liu finished needling, he asked me to move my fingers and toes on the left side. I did.  Amazingly, I found I could move my toes a little bit. After more treatments, I could move my left ankle. Gradually I could move my fingers, leg and arm of the left side, and I could feel strength again in my left side.  After about 10 treatments, I could stand up on both feet, though my left leg was weak. Gradually I was able to lift up my left foot and put it down. After about 20 treatments, I could walk a few steps and I could move my left arm around. You can imagine how happy I was by then. I continued my acupuncture treatments for a few months. Now I walk normally, no longer need a wheelchair and can take care of myself without any difficulties. No words can express my gratitude. You gave me a new life. Thank you, Dr. Liu.
-Janet, Maumelle, AR
My husband and I tried to conceive for 10 years without success. During these years, we tried IUI and IVF several times. After many failed attempts, we were desperate and stressed. Then one of my friends suggested acupuncture. We decided to give it a try. I found Dr. Liu online and emailed him my problems. He responded the same day asking for more details on my infertility with detailed questions. My goodness, from his email I found out what true medical care is all about!  In my first visit with Dr. Liu, he asked for a detailed medical history, performed a physical exam and made a diagnosis. According to my symptoms (stress, anxiety, insomnia, back pain and painful menstruation), he developed a treatment plan for me. He gave me acupuncture treatment twice a week and herbal tea he made specifically for me to take on my own. After 2-3 treatments, I felt less stressed, I could sleep better and my back pain attenuated. After further treatment, I felt much better and the stress, anxiety, insomnia and back pain were almost gone. After receiving treatment over two period cycles, I stopped feeling pain with my period. Overall I felt better and slept better. By that time Dr. Liu suggested that I could try IUI. I did, and I got pregnant after 10 years of trying! Now I have been pregnant for six months. It is a girl! You can imagine how happy my husband and I are. Thank you, Dr. Liu. You are remarkable and you are amazing.
-Dana, Little Rock, AR

Dr. Liu is treating me for a fungus.  It is helping tremendously and I am sure it will take a little while to overcome this.  In the mean time, I started having diarrhea after the New Year and talked to Dr. Liu about it.  I had diarrhea for two weeks straight and with just one treatment, I was much better.  A couple of weeks later I started to take a product with MSM in it.  My body does not tolerate MSM very well and I started having diarrhea and bloating again.  Two treatments later, and I am much better.  Dr. Liu is amazing!  Thank you Dr. Liu!!
-Denise, Little Rock, AR

I came to Dr. Liu with a frustrating sleep problem-waking up in the early morning & not being able to go to sleep until it was time to get up. After 10 treatments I was certain they were making a difference. It has helped so much. I am regularly sleeping through the night now & have a consistent sleep schedule for the first time in my life. Thank you Dr. Liu!
-Lisa, Little Rock, AR

Thank you again, Dr. Liu for helping alleviate my stress and headaches.  After treatment with you, I found that my headaches and the tingling sensation that had begun down my left arm and leg have vanished.  I hope all is well with you and again, thank you. Should any symptoms reoccur, I hope to book another appointment with you, no matter the drive time to Little Rock.
-Amanda, Cabot, AR

Dear Dr. Liu, Thank you for treating the muscle aches in my arm and knee so successfully in only five sessions. I am very pleased with the results.
-Susan, Little Rock, AR

I have been struggling with several horrible symptoms for almost 15 yrs now.  I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, celiac disease, IBS, and interstitchal cystitis.  I have horrible tension headaches, dry eyes, insomnia and the worst of all severe abdominal distention.  I don’t think bloating is the right word for it.  I work out with a personal trainer and am in very good shape and have a very flat stomach, but I started to see that flat belly less and less as time has gone by.  I never knew if I was going to wake up with a flat belly or a pregnant looking one and I am not over exaggerating when I say I can look pregnant.  My bowels have been all messed up.  I felt so hopeless as I have been to several conventional doctors and have been on tons of medications and cut almost everything out of my diet and still no signs of getting better or relief.  I didn’t really believe in acupuncture but saw it as my last hope.  I was not able to enjoy life anymore because this problem had taken over my life.  I don’t know if anyone really knew how bad I felt even if they saw my blown up belly.  I went to see Dr Lui and became overwhelmed by emotions.  I had started to become depressed because I thought I was going to have to live the rest of my life like this. When I walked to Dr. Liu’s office at first time, I said to him “you are my last hope”. After my first treatment I laughed for the first time in probably 10 days and after just two weeks of treatment I began to sleep better and most of all I had a flat stomach that I knew was there.  Now, I am still a work in progress.  I didn’t get this way overnight and it will take time to heal but I believe I will.  I usually have a flat stomach about 3 days out of a month and now I have a flat stomach about two to three weeks out of the month.  I have only been going for a month now and to see these kinds of results is truly a blessing.  Thank you Dr Lui, you have impacted my life in such an amazing way.  You are for sure doing what you were put on this earth to do.  You have no idea how thankful I am.
-Maegen, Little Rock, AR

I came to Dr. Liu with a frustrating sleep problem-waking up early morning & not being able to go to sleep until it was time to get up. After 10 treatments I was certain they were making a difference. It has helped so much. I am regularly sleeping through the night & have a consistent sleep schedule for the first time. Thank you Dr. Liu!
                                                                                                                                                                                   –Lisa, Little Rock, AR

Dr. Liu,
I want to thank you for helping me in my struggle for a healthier life.  For 25 years I have suffered with severe acid reflux.  I have seen countless Western Doctors, undergone endless useless tests, and taken so much medication.  I was only getting worse, and did not think there was anything else I could do.  My son suggested acupuncture, and that I called you.  You so kindly accepted me as a new patient, and I was able to see you that same day.  Now, just a few short weeks later, I am proud to say I no longer have acid-reflux!!  It is truly amazing to me after my suffering for so many years.  You are the most kind, considerate, and compassionate Doctor I have ever known.  I am so thankful to you, and appreciate all you have done and are doing to help me.   I just wish I would have known you sooner!
-Maggie, Conway, AR

I cannot say enough about how wonderful I feel now as a result of Dr Liu’s care. When I first came to see him, I was in moderate to severe pain all of the time, in my bones, my joints, and even my skin. I was also so exhausted that I felt as if weights were attached to my limbs, preventing me from doing simple tasks like brushing my hair. After months of ineffective Western medications and no diagnosis, after seeing a hematologist and a neurologist, undergoing a bone marrow biopsy, various neurological exams, and vials and vials of blood tests, I decided to try acupuncture. Thank God I did–after only three sections, I could make it through a full day of work and manage my household without needing a nap. After five sections, all of my pain had disappeared. Now I am back to my normal self–full of energy and wishing I had started my search for health with Dr Liu instead of my primary care physician. Thank you, Dr Liu!!!
-Danielle, Little Rock, AR

Dear Dr. Liu,
I had been struggling with my weight for the past several years. I had tried several different types of diets and diet pills. You name it, I had tried it! I would loose weight one week and gain it back the next!   I GIVE UP! Then I heard about people that have had acupuncture done to help them loose weight. I’ve tried everything else, why not try this?

About 4 months ago I was 353 lbs. I went to your office for a consultation and decided to give it a try. Along with the acupuncture treatment, you gave me a special herb tea to drink and made a slight change in the food I eat. In those 4 Months I have lost 50 lbs. and kept it off!  I look and feel so much better! I even have more energy then I have ever had before!

I just wanted to thank you for helping make it happen!! I would recommend this form of treatment to anyone who needs help loosing weight.
– Don, Hot Springs, AR

Dr. Liu, thank you for your care of me during the last two years. Not only have you helped with the painful neuropathy in my feet, but I also credit you for saving my life due to my heart condition.
I recall vividly when you examined me and told my wife, Carole, to take me immediately to see a cardiologist. The physicians and technicians at the heart hospital didn’t find anything wrong and said to go home and take an aspirin every day.
However, since you were so concerned, I saw another cardiologist the next day. What he found was cardiomyopathy in an advanced stage.
I now am on medication, have a pacemaker and a defibrillator. I am doing well, thanks to your skill in recognizing my condition. Sincerely,
-Jim, Little Rock, AR

Our daughter, Page, is a 15 year old girl who had a spinal fusion to stabilize her broken L-5 Vertebrae that had slipped and was causing terrible pain.  Page couldn’t sit in a chair for any length of time without excruciating pain, making it impossible to sit in class at school.  After the surgery, she improved, but the hardware rubbed against her muscles and that had to be removed.  We hoped that this would solve the problem, but when school started again, she couldn’t sit in class.  She had to withdraw from school and be tutored at home.  Her life had basically been taken away from her.  Finally, her physical therapist recommended Dr. Liu, a Chinese medicine doctor who does acupuncture.
Page was ready to try anything to relieve her pain.  Dr. Liu started treatments 2 times a week and she started to improve.  Then we chose to go 3 times a week since she got relief from her pain and could start doing everyday activities again.
Page’s back pain is now pretty much gone.  On the pain scale, she started at an 8 on most days and now she is at a 0 or 1.  She is back in school part-time for now and can sit in a chair!  Dr. Liu also treated Page for a cold.  She went in for treatment on her back and mentioned that she had a headache and was stopped up in her nose.  Dr. Liu immediately addressed the headache and cold by using acupuncture and then treated her back.  He told us what to do at home for her cold and her headache was gone before we left his office.  Her cold was no problem within 2 days or so.
Dr. Liu has given Page back her life and we are so very grateful! We highly recommend Dr. Liu!
 Susan and Bob, Little Rock, AR

I had Shingles on my back one year ago. Skin rashes were gone but I still had the severe pain in the area that had rashes before. Sometimes, the pain was like burning and sometimes like shooting, and I felt itching all the time.  My doctor diagnosed me Postherpetic Neuralgia (PHN). I had tried different treatments such as antiviral medicine, painkillers, nerve blockersanti-epilepsy drug and steroid injections but the results were minimal. I was desperate. I had not only excruciating pain I also developed depression, anxiety, irritability and sleeping difficulties because of the severe pain. I went to Dr. Liu’s clinic for the treatment for Shingles. After 4-5 times of acupuncture, the pain was significantly decreased.  An additional 5 times of treatment, the pain was completely gone. In addition, I could sleep better. And my anxiety and irritability were improved greatly. That was amazing and I did not expect such much from acupuncture. Thank you, Dr. Liu.
-Marie, Benton, AR

My first experience with acupuncture was at Dr. Liu’s clinic. At the time I was very stressed and had anxiety from graduate school. I could not sleep well, I dreamed a lot at night, I felt fatigue all the time, and I could not concentrate on my study.  I went to Dr. Liu’s clinic according to one of friends’ suggestion. Just after two times of treatment, I slept better. After 4 times of treatment, I could sleep about 5 hours but I still had dreams.  Besides acupuncture, Dr. Liu gave me cupping and herbal formula. After an additional 2-3 times of treatment, I could sleep whole night and also I did not have dreams! I felt much better, having more energy, and much less stress. After 8 times of treatment, Dr. Liu only gave me herbal formula to stabilize my improvement. Now I am back to my daily normal activities. Thank Dr. Liu.
-Catherine, Little Rock, AR

I had battled chronic insomnia over 10 years. I woke up often during the night, sleep very shallow. I went to different doctors but they could not explain the cause of my problems, instead, they prescribed different kinds of medicines. For last 10 years I had tried so many kinds of sleep medicines. Some of them could make me sleep but the side effects stop me to continue. I had poor appetite, lost weight, felt dizzy, lack of energy and depressed. Dr. Liu gave me acupuncture and cupping when I visited him. He also gave me some herbal powders to take. Just after a few time, I slept better, woke up less, felt some energy back. After 7 times of treatment, I could sleep whole night without waking up. I have more energy, felt happier and my appetite improved. By then, Dr. Liu stopped acupuncture and only gave me herbal medicine for another week. Now I have completely recovered from my 10-year long insomnia. Thank you, Dr. Liu.
-Gayle, Cabot, AR

I had always had the problems with my menstrual cycle.  My period cycle was nearly regular but abdominal pain and some other symptoms were so great that I often took a couple of days off from study or work during the period. I had boating, nausea and vomit. Some time I had diarrhea and headache. I had tried different treatments but results were minimal. Eventually my doctor put me on birth control pill, which eliminated the majority of my problems. However, after 6-month of birth control pill, I had gained about 5 pound, I had anxiety, and my face often had acne. So I stopped birth control pills. However, when I had my period, the pain came back again. My friend suggest me acupuncture and I tried! The result was amazing. When I first visited Dr. Liu and after he examined me, he said, “come to see me at 10th day prior to your next period”. I did. After he gave me three times of acupuncture, my period came and he stopped acupuncturing me. My pain got significantly improved and even though I felt a little discomfort. Then he said again “come to see me at 10th day prior to your next period”. I did and Dr. Liu treated me like last time. After three times of treatment, my period came. I did not feel pain at all. Then he did the same as last two times. After three cycles of treatment, I am pain-free and I do not feel any discomfort when I have period. I am glad that I made right decision going to see Dr. Liu. Thanks, Dr. Liu
-Robin, Little Rock, AR

After about 6 months of thinking I had a bladder infection and going to Doctors for help and could not find out what was causing me so much pain, going to the restroom sometimes every 2 hours during the day and getting up every 2 hours at night I knew something was very wrong.  I went to an Urologist and had a CT scan of my bladder and numerous other tests and was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis (IC).  I had never heard of it but was started on a series of bladder treatments.  They would do 6 treatments where they would inject medication into my bladder and hold for 15 min.  I would have a treatment once a week. They also said it could be diet and gave me a list of foods to avoid.  There was not much on the list of foods to eat. My energy level was very low and I was pretty miserable.  A friend (Vickie) told me of Dr. Liu and what he had done for her.  At that time I was willing to try anything.  I saw Dr, Liu on Sept 20th for the first time.  He said he had helped other people with this problem and he could help me.  He said he would also give me some Chinese herbs to take.  I was very excited after hearing this.  I had two more acupuncture treatments the next week and was feeling so much I could not believe it. Dr. Liu said he thought six or seven sessions should do it.  I am so thrilled to say that after seven visits I can go at least 4 hours without a restroom stop and only get up twice at night.  I have my energy back and I feel like my old self.  I am eating and adding food back into my diet.  Dr. Liu said it is not the food causing a problem.  Dr. Liu says I am cured.  I told him I thank God, Vickie and I thank him.  I promised myself if I got help I would let others know because I want to help others that might be suffering with this same problem.  I highly recommend Dr. Liu.  He is very kind, friendly and a professional. My last visit was Oct.6th. and Dr, Liu said I do not need to return.  If ever I need to I would not hesitate.
-Carolyn, Jacksonville, AR

One morning after I woke up, I felt something abnormal on my face. In the mirror I saw that the right side of my face was drooping and that I could not move it. I did not have any feeling on right side. When I brushed my teeth, I could not close my mouth and water kept spilling out of my mouth. Later, I realized that I suffered from facial paralysis, or Bell’s Palsy. As a Chinese I am familiar with acupuncture and I know that acupuncture can cure the problem. I know acupuncturist Dr. Liu for a while but I had never thought I would see him some day for my own problem. I visited Dr. Liu to seek acupuncture treatment. On my first visit to Dr. Liu, right side of my mouth and right face were drooping without any motion, my right eye was unable to close, and saliva was dropping down from right side of my mouth.  Dr. Liu used acupuncture to treat my symptoms. After two visits, my month could hold water, after three visits my month could hold air, after four visits, my face had the expression, and after 6 visits, I was 100% cure. I am so happy. Dr. Liu, thank you very much for your magic hands and I appreciate all your help.
-Candy, Little Rock, AR

Dr. Liu is by far the most knowledgeable and effective acupuncturist who has treated me. After seeing several acupuncturists for back pain I suffered for three years, I visited Dr. Liu. Within five treatments, my back pain was alleviated and has not returned. A year later, I visited him again for digestive problems. His treatment brought my digestion to normal functioning after three acupuncture treatments. I recommend Dr. Liu to anyone having physical pain or other health problems. He is a true healer and is an honest, dedicated practitioner.
-A.F., Jacksonville, AR

I started seeing Dr. Liu about 8 weeks ago. I had been diagnosed with Lupus and at the time when I first started with him my A&A blood was about 6,000.  I had been seeing my rheumatologist for about 4 years for this problem and in the time frame of 4 years my A&A had only gone down from 8,000 to 6,000.  I have been on medication for this period of time and was not pleased about having to be on medication for so long.  At least medication had lower it about 2,000 and it was not going up, so I was thankful for that.  Since I have been seeing Dr. Liu for acupuncture treatments and using his herbs my A&A has dropped dramatically from 6,000 to 2,000 within an 8 months time frame.  Thanks to Carole and Jim for referring me to him and I trust that this is how God is choosing to heal me completely.  I am still taking medication, but at the rate my A&A is dropping, hopefully I’ll will be able to stop soon.

Thank you Dr. Liu.
-Carolyn, Conway, AR         

I started coughing 5 months ago after I caught a cold. I went my family physician and a respiratory physician for last 5 months. I was checked with all the blood tests, X-ray, CT, and MRI, which turned up nothing abnormal.  I had been on antibiotics for 2 weeks for two courses and antivirus medicine for 10 days.  I had been on anti-cough medicine for several months. But coughing became worse and worse, especially at night. I also had dry mouth and sore throat. Even though I drank a lot of water, there was no help. I was so desperate and depressed. One of my church friends told me about Dr. Liu. I went to see him. The first time he gave me the cupping and needling treatment. For the first time in 5 months I felt relief and I could sleep all night. After two-weeks treatment with acupuncture and herbs, my dry mouth and sore throat disappeared and my coughing stopped. Thank you, Dr. Liu.
-Johnna, Little Rock, AR

I suffered constipation for about 10 years. For those 10 years, I had been using stimulant laxatives on and off. For the last two years, I had not been able to have any bowel movements without them. I had several GI exams over the years but all exams had come back normal. My friend recommended trying acupuncture and I found Dr. Liu from the Internet. He started to treat me with both acupuncture and Chinese herbs. After three sessions, my condition had been greatly improved and I continued for another 4 sessions. Now I have stopped all my stimulant laxatives and I am able to have bowel movements once a day or once every another day. I am very grateful that I was introduced to acupuncture.  Dr. Liu is a wonderful acupuncturist. I would definitely recommend him to everyone.
-Chisam, Little Rock, AR

I started acupuncture treatment for my anxiety and stress with Dr. Liu 8 months ago. I feel so good that right now I go regularly (once a month).  It is a process that gives me a feeling of overall well being.
-Rita, Benton, AR

I often feel fatigue and weakness because of overwork and stress from work. There is no medicine that can treat my symptoms. When I searched the Internet, I found that acupuncture is good way to relieve the stress and fatigue. I found Dr. Liu from the Internet and went to see him. He gave me acupuncture, cupping, Tui Nai, and some herbal medicine. I experienced tremendous response to those treatments. During the treatment, I could feel that my energy was increased. After the whole course, I felt revitalized. Now whenever I feel tired or stressed I go to Dr. Liu for relief. Thank you, Dr. Liu, for your treatment.
-Denise, ittle Rock, AR

I had right hemifacial spasm for the last two years. At first, the muscles around my right eye were twitching and then spread to my lower face. Eventually the spasms involve my whole right face, almost continuously. I had seen many doctors and taken a lot of medicines. But the results were very minimal. Some of my friends suggested I try acupuncture. I found Dr. Liu from the yellow pages. After the first treatment, I felt the less twitching on my face. After 7 sessions of acupuncture, the twitching on my face completely stopped even though I still feel the tightness on my right face. Now I visit Dr. Liu twice a week for solidifying the result and further improvement. Thank you, Dr. Liu, and I appreciate your treatment, which has improved my life.
-Richard, Little Rock, AR

I had severe migraine for more than 10 years. I had gone to many doctors to seek help. I had tried all sorts of medications that have been only partially effective. Also I had developed a lot of side effects from the medicines I had taken such as insomnia, poor memory, dry mouth, gastric pain and so on. After Dr. Liu’s acupuncture treatment, my migraine has been gone for the last three months. So far my migraine has not come back yet. I stopped all pain medicines and all side effects disappeared. I don’t fully understand how it works, but for relief of migraine I highly recommend it.
-Shannon, Little Rock, AR
For almost 10 years, I have suffered from severe depression and anxiety. I have been to many doctors and therapists to help me deal with these issues. I did not want to live anymore. Through the years, I have tried countless medications to help me cope with my depression and anxiety, but they made things worse. I also developed migraines because I was on so many medications.
My husband told me about Dr. Liu. I went to Dr. Liu and told him my situation. Within a few weeks, I was off all six of my medications, sleeping very well, appetite was back to normal. I had my energy back and NO migraines.
I am so grateful to Dr. Liu. He has given me my life back!
-Deni, Little Rock, AR

Dr. Liu has treated me successfully for two problems. First I had hip and lower back pain due to playing golf. After an examination, Dr. Liu told me that he could help and that it would take 5 visits. After only 4 visits I was 95% pain free. At that time I had gotten a case of shingles. When I told Dr. Liu about the shingles he said he could help with that too. So after 3 visits, he got me pain free. The medical doctor only gave me pain pills and told me to go home with both problems. Dr. Liu returned me to good health and I appreciate that.
-Gary, Hot Springs Village, AR

I had a very bad “frozen shoulder” and with some acupuncture treatments, I have recovered already 75% of my movements. Considering a frozen shoulder can take 1 to 3 years to recover, it’s a big relief after only few weeks. Also my pain is considerably reduced.

By the same time Dr. Liu fixed my snoring problem and my frequent headaches… It also gives me more energy to complete the cure of my shoulder.
-Carl, Little Rock, AR

I’ve been having this continuous back pain and fatigue, lack of energy, and difficulty of sleeping for some moment after my first baby was born… So, I started to see an acupuncturist, Dr. Jiang Liu. I believed he could help me with his expertise, and HE DID… The result was there right after the 1st treatment. It was so relaxing, I felt so lightened and FINALLY I could sleep through the night. He gave me several treatments before all my issues were gone… Finally, I’ve found someone that can help me when I need this kind of medical treatment. It is worthwhile to get the treatment you need, because he knows what he’s doing. He always there if you need help.
-Riza, Little Rock, AR

I have had severe leg and foot pain for over 20 years and have seen nineteen doctors for this condition. I have been to the large medical centers in Cleveland and St. Louis seeking help. I heard about Dr Liu from a friend and decided to go to see him. After four treatments I was pain free.

Now I go to see him every few months for another treatment, especially when I am going on a long plane trip. I used to have severe pain when I flew for long hours. I did not have pain even while traveling to China and Italy this year.

I have recommended Dr Liu to several friends and they all were pleased with the results they had from his treatment.
-Jimmy, Little Rock, AR

When Dr. Liu was treating my low back pain, my period came up. I have had painful menstruation since age of 16. When I mentioned this problem to Dr. Liu, he said that he could solve this problem for me.  He treated me for two days five days before my period came. Just two cycles after starting Dr. Liu’s treatment my painful menstruation was completely gone. So far, seven months has passed after his treatment, I do not have any pain during my period. That is really amazing to me. Thank you, Dr. Liu. I really appreciate your treatment.
-Lisa, Little Rock, AR

Hi Carole,
I wanted to thank you for the referral to Dr. Liu.  Peggy passed his name on to two of her co-workers, and I decided to follow-up by making an appointment for myself.
It is interesting, and very different from what we are used to in Western Medicine.  I opted to pursue acupuncture treatment for acne. Dr. Liu prescribed a treatment that is part acupuncture and part Chinese Herbs.
Admittedly, at first it takes a little getting used to, not having much experience with getting stuck with needles all over.  But I had become very frustrated with the routine at the dermatologist’s office.  Basically, acne treatments haven’t changed since I was a teenager.  The dermatologist barely looks at you for 5 minutes, prescribes antibiotics, and tells you to take them for 3 months, and then come back for another appointment.
Because you had recommended Dr. Liu, and because a friend of mine (a college classmate from Northwestern who is Chinese-American) has also used Chinese medicine, I decided I had nothing to lose.  My last treatment is scheduled for Saturday.  I have found Dr. Liu to be very professional, and his treatments to be effective.  (And I’m glad to be done with antibiotics from the dermatologist.) I like the fact that Chinese medicine takes an integrative approach to health treatment.
Thanks again, and hope you and Jim are enjoying a lovely July.
-Linda, Little Rock, AR