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  1. Dr. Liu began treating me for insomnia, depression and neck pain. I was amazed when after two treatments the symptoms of depression were almost gone. Overall I am feeling much better because I am able to sleep at night. He also addressed the severe neck and shoulder pain I was experiencing. I had pain when turning my head to the left and right, after one treatment with Dr. Liu I had full range of motion. I plan to see Dr. Liu on a regular basis until symptoms subside, I urge anyone to see Dr. Liu, he has made a tremendous difference in my overall health.

  2. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Liu for depression, neck and shoulder pain and other health concerns. I am amazed that after two treatments the symptoms of depression are gone. Because of neck and shoulder discomfort, I could not turn my head to the right or left without intense pain. Dr. Liu treated that area once, I left his office pain free with full range of motion in my neck area. I let him know this in itself was a miracle, I have suffered for years. Not only do I find the treatments relaxing and effective, because of acupuncture I have eliminated the use of medications for depression and pain. I am so thankful for Dr. Liu and his expertise.

  3. I shattered my spine almost 20 years ago and have suffered severe pain ever since. Every doctor I saw said I needed additional surgeries to experience any relief. One visit with Dr. Liu and I have relief for the first time since I injured my back. Thank you Dr. Liu, you have truly been life changing!!

  4. I have been experiencing back pain and sciatica pain for several years. I have been to pain management, chiropractors, Physcial therapy, massage therapist, had injections and was prescribed meds but nothing helped. TWO VISITS TO DR LIU AND IM PAIN FREE!!!!!!

  5. After 6 years of muscle spasms and painful cramping in my lower back after being on my feet for any length of time, Dr. Liu improved it in one visit, and stopped it completely after three. In the fourth visit he addressed neuropathy in my right foot, and that has greatly improved as well. I can hardly believe the change in how I feel. Thank you, Dr. Liu!!

  6. May I welcome you to the Traditional Chinese Medicine of Dr. Jiang Liu.
    After 60 years of “pursuing” results of Western Medicine for simple to chronic intractable, 2 months of TCM with Dr. Liu has “delivered” whole body results.
    In particular, 1 appointment for severe right hand and arm pain brought “great” relief. I tell you from a pain level of 10 to a 0.5 level in just 1 treatment.
    I continue my treatments with Dr. Liu for whole body healing.
    60 years has been too long to finally see and feel whole body healing. I came, and came to believe.
    Thank you my Doctor and Life Teacher, Dr. Jiang Liu.
    Praise be Buddha.

  7. I have been suffering from severe acne/cystic acne after having my baby and finishing breastfeeding. I have tried every product out there, visited the dermatologist multiple times, and they were suggesting Accutane for treatment. I decided to try Dr. Liu instead and I am SO happy I did. Within two treatments, my acne has almost gone away. My skin is healing, but the pain itself is GONE and I couldn’t be happier. I knew the problem wasnt just my skin, but that my body was out of whack. Dr. Lui is healing me from the inside out!

  8. At the recommendation of my sister, I decided to give accupunture a try with Dr. Liu. I had been suffering with planters fasciis for months and had tried everything! Steriod shots are only temporary and I was unable to work-out due to the pain. I started accupunture about 4 weeks ago at twice a week. The relief was not immediate, but after a few weeks I could tell the difference in both of my feet. Having been a research lawyer, I decided to see what type of scientific information was out on the web. I was feeling better overall! Unbeknownst to Dr. Liu, prior to seeing him, I had been nauseous for over a year and my medical doctor had done several tests, I changed my diet, took medication and nothing helped. I was sick 3 or 4 times a week for over a year! Well, during my treatment with Dr. Liu – the vomiting stopped entirely! That is why I decided to research the effects of accupunture – and guess what – it has been scientifically proven to help with pain relieve and management as well as – you guessed it – nausea! I will continue treatment for help with my health overall – even though my planters fasciis is gone! I have 100% confidence in recommending accupunture with Dr. Liu. Remember though, not all accupunturists are properly certified – and yes – I checked. Dr. Liu has been certified by the NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine). Thank you Dr. Liu and I will see you next week!!

  9. My friend told me that her chronic back pain was completely eliminated with acupuncture treatments. I’m a skeptic, but I decided to try it because I was so sick and tired of hurting. Taking opioids was out of the question. I’m a retired RN and have seen the effects opioids have on some. I looked at the reviews and chose Dr. Jiang Liu. After 3 treatments, the right shoulder pain is completely gone. An additional 2 treatments has eliminated the back pain. I am a skeptic no longer. Another thought, maybe two: Dr. Liu does not encourage unnecessary treatment. When your problem is solved, you do are not pressured to come back for additional treatments. As for the cost, insurance does not pay, why I do not know. However, the reasonable cost of acupuncture does not compare to the cost of not being able to enjoy my Grandchildren, work in the yard, and the enjoyment of being with friends.

  10. Finally – Relief for lower back injury! I had tried everything for 10 years — from massage to back specialists and no relief from the heat and the agony of this injury. This is the first thing that worked! Jiang Liu is so compassionate and truly an expert of Chinese Medicine. He started by taking away the pain and heat and gave me special exercises to do to re-build the muscles. Every visit is like an anatomy lesson in healing. Every day I am so grateful for Jiang Liu’s expertise. We are lucky to have him here in Little Rock.

  11. I must say after reading these comments about how Dr. Liu has made a difference in their life I just had to add my testimonial. I, like many patients that have shared I was so tired of taking pills for depression and anxiety. I felt like an emotional pin cushion taking this and that with so many bad side effects. I just knew there had to be another way. I am here to tell you there is! After only four treatments with Dr. Liu I am here to say I am on the road to being better. The treatments are putting normal back in my vocabulary.

  12. Starting in February of this year, 2016 ,I had come down with insomnia and anxiety as well as minor depression. I saw several medical doctors who put me on different mind altering drugs that really made things worse for me. I went through this until the first of May of this year 2016. I was really in bad shape, my anxiety was out of control, still not sleeping and had depression. I told my wife I had to think outside the box and discovered through research on the web that Acupunture may be the answer for me. I saw Doctor Liu on May 4th and within 4 treatments he had me sleeping better, my anxiety and depression under control. My wife said I was back to normal. I would not hesitate to see Doctor Liu for anything health related especially if medically prescribed pills haven’t helped. This man know’s his business. Thank you Dr Liu for putting me back to normal! David B.

  13. I am a 70 Yr old man and developed insomnia in January of this year. Also I was experiencing anxiety and mild depression. After several trips to my regular Medical Doctor and being put on different medications that really gave me bad side effects I told my Doctor that I wanted off all those medications and prescribe me Ambien. He did and I started with 10 mg at night. It put me to sleep but not restful sleep.
    I was researching alternative treatments for insomnia and anxiety and came across Acupuncture of Arkansas and started reading these reviews and was impressed. I started seeing Dr Jiang Liu the first of May of this year and my results have been phenomenal. My stress level is down, blood pressure in normal range (it’s been years since this has happened ) and I am sleeping all night. My insomnia is gone. Thank you Dr Liu.

  14. I am 65 years old and have been suffering with Peripheral Neuropathy in both legs along with Foot Drop in the left leg for nearly a year now. After two sessions with Dr. Liu I am able to wiggle the toes on my left foot. Along with that I gain about 10-15% strength in both legs. I am able to walk short distances without the use of my cane. During last nights treatment I felt a surge of electrical energy radiating from my toes all the way up to my head. The toes on my left foot were vibrating in short burst because of the regain sensation I was feeling. I have had acupuncture treatments before while I was stationed in Korea, but the results were mild compared to how I am feeling now. I plan on doing the 20 treatment plan as recommended by Dr. Liu. My expectations is not complete recovery, I am hopping for anything around 50-60% improvement in my legs and arms. I would recommended Dr. Liu to anyone is suffering from nerve pain.

  15. I was having severe neck and shoulder pain. I could not get relief anywhere. After just 2 visits with Dr. Liu I was much better and after 6 visits I have almost no pain at all. I would recommend him to anyone.

  16. Dr. Liu helped me with back pain and nerve pain that came from an auto accident with an tractor trailer. I am grateful to Dr. Liu and the practice of acupuncture.


  18. I was having chronic neck and back pain. I had tried massages, chiropractic therapy, and taking medications to help with the pain. I started seeing Dr. Liu and could tell a difference after the first treatment. My back and neck pain is much better and I have no need to take medication for the pain.

  19. Knee pain is gone! Like most, I was very skeptical about trying acupuncture, but a friend convinced me to try it. I had already set up an appointment with my Orthopedic Dr. but they could not see me for a month. So I decided I might as well try. I am so glad I did!

    I could not get out of the car quickly because of the pain I had by placing weight on my left leg/knee. I talked to Dr. Liu at the first visit and he told me he could help in 8 to 10 visits. I had no relief after the first 3 visits and was afraid I was wasting money. On the 4th visit, I had the first relief in months. It was short lived but I continued treatments and now I am without pain! I canceled my Ortho appointment and it has been 2 months since my last treatment. I have walked, ran and skied with no problems. Thanks Dr. Liu!

  20. After 25 years of chiropractors, specialists and physical therapy with little relief, I am thrilled to say that my shoulder has not hurt and I have had no muscle spasms for 3 months. I went for my shoulder but I also saw the swelling in my joints from rheumatoid arthritis disappear. I am playing with my grandchildren and joining in life again!

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