This is the testimonial one of my patients sent to me.


This is a quick update regarding PTSD symptom improvement Dr Liu has assisted me to achieve. The 1st treatment session I entered Dr Liu’s office I was so symptomatic emotionally all I could did was cry. Dr Liu was supportive, telling me I would improve. I borrowed his hopefulness as my hope was waning badly. I was only sleeping 3 hours a night and that was a good night. By the 2nd session I was able to relax more and allow him to treat me with less anxiety and emotion.  By the 4th session I had hope of my own. I was sleeping 5 to 6 hours at a time.  I was clearly improving.

I have now completed 8 sessions and I am so much BETTER.  My emotions are improved. Crying is minimal.  My “flight or fight impulses” have backed off.  I can go into the community without fear I will have to run home and hide. My overall energy has increased to the extent I have joined a yoga class (amazing).

When I first met Dr Liu my body hurt all over. My muscles had knots in my knots. If you are in that much pain you know exactly what I mean. I simply was unable to relax any of me. I still have body pain especially around old injury however the pain relief is profound with a capacity to self sooth using progressive muscle relaxation.

So… my emotional body is improved. My physical body is improved. My mental state has changed from perseverating on how horrible I feel to what I want to do today. My spiritual self is more secure. I have increasing moments of not feeling pressured in speech or activity. The firestorm in my brain has settled. I know my loved ones are releaved also to see old Sidney able to enjoy our time together.

I am engaged with a therapist who has expertise in trauma treatment. The work I did with her gave me the strength to step into the arena of acupuncture and the other Chinese medicine techniques Dr Liu skillfully uses as my symptoms improve. A holistic approach has been essential.

God bless you readers. May my testimony on my path of healing help you step into your healing path as well. I wish you PEACE and HOPE.

Thank you for your time and Dr Liu, thank you for your compassion and skill.

Cindy, Hot Springs