Healing Persistent Lyme Disease & Chronic Infection Symptoms (Part 2)

Healing Persistent Lyme Disease & Chronic Infection Symptoms (Part 2)

By Greg Lee, LAc from Acupuncture Today


Clinical Pearl #5 Microparticle Herbs & Essential Oils for Faster Symptom Relief

I gave one of my Lyme arthritis patients three formulas of granule herbs which were dosed at 33 grams a day. At one point, she ended up taking over 60 grams of granule herbs a day! No matter what combination of treatments and herbal remedies I gave, her joint pain and swelling kept returning. Does this sound like any of your patients? Fortunately, I was at a Lyme disease conference where Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt presented on making herbal tinctures into microparticles called liposomes. I bought the necessary equipment for liposomal production and switched my patient’s herbal formulas into liposomal remedies.

Liposomes are microparticles which can contain herbs, essential oils, and supplements. They  can penetrate more deeply into tissues, organs and cells. At the next visit, the patient remarked that her new liposomal remedies relieved her joint pain and she didn’t relapse. After seeing rapid improvement in several other Lyme disease patients, I gave every one of my patients their herbal remedies in a microparticle liposome.

The process of making liposomes is fairly quick which enables us to make a patient’s formulas during their appointment. Having taught the process to over seventy practitioners, liposome production is an easy to learn, safe, and effective method. Practitioners can easily produce deeply penetrating antimicrobial, antitoxin, and anti-inflammatory liposomal herbal and essential oil remedies for their Lyme disease and chronic infection patients. Another common concern in our Lyme disease patients is chronic pain.

Clinical Pearl #6 Rapid Toxic Pain Relief Via Wet Cupping

The experience of dealing with chronic pain has been described by many of my patients as overpowering, feeling tortured, or being beaten down. Chronic pain exhausts their energy, disrupts their sleep, and can prevent them for doing simple tasks. Chronic pain can be caused by many different Chinese and Western medicine issues. In the Gu Syndrome texts, many symptoms are attributed to toxins, “There are thousands of Gu toxins, all of which may potentially cause different symptoms.”

My most successful pain relieving treatment for Lyme Gu Syndrome patients is to quickly pull out toxins  and inflammatory compounds via cupping and bloodletting, aka “Wet Cupping.” A highly toxic patient will produce more coagulated or stagnant  blood in their cups. Some patients have had thick, jelly-like blobs as big as a plum come out in their cupping. Darker blood, referred to as the “black blood” in the Hijama wet cupping method, indicates the presence of toxins and demons that can cause illness.

Wet cupping has also been effective at rapidly correcting irregular pulse qualities that do not improve with acupuncture. This may be due to the faster toxin and inflammation clearing ability of wet cupping compared to acupuncture. Moxabustion has also provided significant pain relief especially in patients diagnosed with a tick infection called Bartonella.

Clinical Pearl #7 Ultrapure Moxabustion for Bartonella Burning Pain Symptoms

Patients diagnosed with an infection called Bartonella can present with pain, burning, numbness, and tingling in their hands, feet, and extremities. One of my Bartonella patients was a orthopedic physician for professional sports teams who had pain at level of 8 out of 10 in many areas of his body especially his hands and feet. The words of one of my Toyohari instructors, Mr. Yanaghisita, about the healing and pain relieving benefits of “ultrapure moxa” came to mind. I had tried inexpensive loose moxa on Bartonella patients with mixed results. Ultrapure moxa was twenty times more expensive than the other form of moxa I had been using, because it is made only from the hairs or “wool” on the underside of the leaves of the artemisia plant. In one Chinese medicine text, artemisia leaves with a thicker wool are identified as the highest quality. Ultrapure moxa treatment for Bartonella symptoms is a “fight fire with fire” strategy, that burned thin threads of this refined wool moxa on the skin where the doctor had chronic burning pains. Within a few seconds, he would say over and over, “The pain is gone. How did you do that?” Ultrapure moxabustion threads on the skin has also been helpful for relieving pain symptoms around the eyes, anxiety, fear, and worry in other Bartonella patients. Divine healing has also helped my patients to reduce their chronic pain and fatigue.

Clinical Pearl #8 Penetrating Divine Illumination Direct Transmission of Healing

As an acupuncture student, I was fortunate to hear Dr. Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallee’s lectures on the ancient principles of Chinese medicine. In one of her lectures, I was fascinated when I heard her refer to Tong Shen Ming, which translates as “Penetrating Divine Illumination.” In ancient texts, this was described as the spirit method where patients would get better from a direct transmission of Divine healing from the practitioner before taking herbs or receiving acupuncture.

Several years later, I learned a practice called remembrance from a Sufi master which invokes the name of the Divine and enables the practitioner to transmit healing energy to the patient. I also teach this practice to my patients to invoke their Highest Source of healing so they can receive anytime, any place, anywhere. Many of these people have reported sustained improvements in lowering chronic pain, alleviating fatigue, and calming troubling emotions as a result using this practice. Similar to a skilled blindfolded knife thrower, medical practitioners can reduce symptoms quickly by the identifying and targeting the underlying issues in their Lyme disease and chronic infection patients.

Just like a skilled knifethrower that can sense his target blindfolded, practitioners can identify and hit the most important issues in their Lyme disease patients. With the proper tools, knowledge, and remedies, practitioners can use the Gu Syndrome treatment strategy to address layers of infections, toxins, and Chinese medicine imbalances that are underlying their patient’s chronic Lyme disease symptoms.

Employing scanning technology enables a practitioner to more accurately identify the most important western and Chinese medicine medical issues to address first. Practitioners can target those issues directly via Frequency Specific Microcurrent frequencies for inhibiting tick infections, toxins, and inflammatory compounds. Bee venom, microparticle herbs and essential oils, can provide a powerful set of remedies for addressing multiple tick infections especially inside cells, organs, and the brain. Wet cupping and ultrapure moxabustion can quickly relieve toxic pain, inflammation, and Bartonella burning symptoms.

Greg Lee is the founder of the Lyme Research & Healing Center in Frederick, Maryland and the creator of the GoodbyeLyme System for Stopping Persistent Lyme Disease. He is currently managing a research clinic that uses advanced medical scanning, laser, microcurrent technology and microparticle remedies to help chronic Lyme and multiple infection patients recover more quickly. He is also researching natural remedies that can inhibit drug-resistant tick infections. He also provides online and live training for medical providers on Gu syndrome, essential oils, cold laser, and microparticle remedies for healing chronic infection patients. Learn more at GoodbyeLyme.com/training.

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