Kidney Stones

My husband went to the ER with abdominal pain at the beginning of August this year and a kidney stone was found (8mmx5mm). After an infusion in ER for pain relief, he went home with some painkillers. At the beginning of September, my husband’s abdominal pain started again. Following the doctor’s advice, he took the painkillers, the pain reduced after 2 days. But the stone was like an untimely bomb in my husband’s body, we don’t know when it will hurt again.

We consulted Dr. Liu Jiang, a Chinese medicine practitioner, for some suggestions on the treatment of kidney stones. He said he was confident of using Chinese herbal medicine to get rid of the stones from my husband’s body. Dr. Liu prescribed some Chinese herbal medicine for my husband to take. He instructed my husband to drink plenty of water while taking the herbals. We went home suspiciously. After 10 days, something magical really happened. On the morning of September 23, my husband woke up in the morning with a tingling pain, and he went to urinate. Surprisingly he found that there were 2-3 tan solids of various sizes in the toilet. The stones were really passed out from the urine.

It is now the beginning of November. In the past month or so, my husband has no abdominal pain anymore. So I want to share our experience with everyone, hoping that it will be helpful to the people with same trouble. We are very grateful to Dr. Liu to get rid of the stone with this kind of non-invasive method!

Furong Zhang, Bryant, Arkansas